In your daily walk in life sometimes “stuff” happens. In some cases, “stuff” happens more so for some people. I myself have been through moments in life where I felt so beat down and hopeless that I could’ve gave up, thrown in the towel! 

But there’s that voice inside you that tells you to get up. The most motivational speech I ever heard was during a Rocky movie where Stallone speaks to his son, Micheal who’s grown at this time about life and the struggles that come with it. He said, “it’s not how hard you can take a punch, it’s about how many times you get up.” 

When he heard that, I felt like the clouds moved and the sun shined on me. I had that “aha!!” moment. I started reflecting on my life–I saw that I got up more times that I could imagine. That realization gave me a newfound sense of hope and strength I’ve never felt before in my life. When I saw that despite all my failures, all my mistakes, all my losses (and I experienced plenty of them) I also saw the inner strength inside of me.

I kept getting up after each time I fell down without even knowing it!! I understand that there’s going to be setbacks but like the saying goes, “a setback is nothing but a set up for a comeback.” Getting up is something that we all have done in our lives. We just focus on the failures so much that we fail to look at how many times we got up and kept moving.

It’s time to realize that we are all winners in this thing called life simply because we’re all still here-living and breathing!! It’s not what we have that makes us winners, it’s what compels us to keep one foot in front of the other that makes us winners. Not our failures, but our successes. When we start focusing on our “get up” moments, we begin feeling good about ourselves—-and we should! Let’s do our best to get up and stay up and learn from our mistakes versus repeating them.

And once we get up, try real hard to stay up—without fear and without doubt. Oprah said this statement: ” The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of the dreams.” How can you do that, by getting up.       GET UP!!